World safest drone

Fleye solves the challenge of drone safety with an innovative spherical design. It has the same size and weight as a soccer ball.

Discover Fleye 

Fun & easy to control

No pilot skills needed

Fleye can execute its tasks autonomously so that you can focus
on the most important : capturing awesome memories.

Smart and

Using its powerful dual-core on-board computer, Fleye can be programmed to perform autonomous flights and computer vision tasks.



Developers friendly

Fleye is open and programmable

Our APIs and SDKs make it easy to write custom application that either control Fleye remotely or run directly on Fleye on-board computer, making it a truly autonomous flying robot.

The founders

Fleye is the brainchild of Laurent and Dimitri,
two engineers with a combined 30 years of experience in various R&D positions.

Laurent Eschenauer, CEO

The kind of guy who writes software on sunday afternoon because it is fun.

Dimitri Arendt, CTO

Started building planes when he was 8, never stopped flying stuff since then.

Let's build the future together !

Our Kickstarter campain is over and was successful. We are now focusing on delivering an amazing product to our backers.
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